Strategy 1: Great People

Attract, engage and retain a diverse global community of outstanding students, faculty and staff

Through recruitment, advising and mentorship, professional development and support, UBC is building and sustaining a global university community, representative of all, including historically excluded populations. Consistent with our intention to be a leader in diversity and equity, we are recruiting more expansively, including Indigenous students, faculty and staff. We are working to create conditions whereby all faculty and staff feel a deep sense of connection and contribution to the academic purpose of the university. To help address affordability pressures, we are expanding financial assistance programs for students, including funding and support for continued growth in open education resources, and we are improving funding for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. We are enhancing support structures and services to help address housing affordability in the Lower Mainland, and address childcare needs for university employees, among other challenges. Professional development and succession planning are vitally important. For this reason, we are strengthening programs that support workplace learning, course access for employees and leadership development through initiatives such as the Academic Leadership Development Program for faculty, and Managing@UBC and the Community Leadership Program for staff.