Ten Goals

This plan provides a road map to help UBC reach its potential and a mechanism through which we can be held accountable. Our vision is further articulated with ten goals — the UBC Promise.

The various elements of the plan and how they interact are summarized in this graphic.

UBC is an institution where we:

Goal 1

Lead globally in research excellence, discovery, scholarship and creative endeavours.

Goal 2

Inspire and enable students through excellence in transformative teaching, mentoring, advising and the student experience.

Goal 3

Partner with Indigenous communities on and off campus to address the legacy of colonialism and to co-develop knowledge and relationships.

Goal 4

Build a diverse culture that integrates our themes of innovation, collaboration and inclusion, and infuses them through all our activities.

Goal 5

Lead globally and locally in sustainability, wellbeing and safety across our campuses and communities.

Goal 6

Significantly expand student access, alumni networks and institutional partnerships to reinforce global and local connections.

Goal 7

Lead as a first-choice place to learn and work.

Goal 8

Define and leverage the distinctive and complementary strengths of our campuses and learning sites.

Goal 9

Achieve agility in academic support and administration through thoughtful systemic change and simplification.

Goal 10

Lead as a model public institution, fostering discourse, knowledge exchange and engagement.