Strategy 2: Inspiring Spaces

Create welcoming physical and virtual spaces to advance collaboration, innovation and community development

We are working to establish dedicated, accessible and inspiring spaces, indoor and outdoor, that provide forums for interdisciplinary interaction and that showcase the impact of our work more broadly. With nearly 65,000 students, over 13,000 of whom live on campus, such spaces create tremendous opportunities for faculty, staff and partners to exchange ideas with the next generation. It is no small feat to re-engineer the traditional classroom, but UBC intends to be a leader in innovative classroom design, with an emphasis on digital connectivity, group work and problem-based learning. Virtual spaces are playing an ever-more integral role, and UBC will continue to evolve and strengthen its digital environments. In addition to stimulating collaboration, innovation and community development, these ‘hubs’ will demonstrate UBC’s commitment to inclusion and civil discourse, and will nurture an increased sense of community. Well-conceived spaces are also needed to drive and enable interaction within and between our campuses and learning sites, and with the broader community. As part of this strategy, we are working with partners on the development of UBC’s downtown Vancouver and regional presence, recognizing that many people live and work beyond easy reach of our campuses.