Strategy 20: Co-ordinated Engagement

Co-create with communities the principles and effective practices of engagement, and establish supporting infrastructure

Community engagement at UBC has been part of research, teaching, service and student-led initiatives since the institution was founded. However, we could be more consistently focussed, co-ordinated and effective across these endeavours. We are working with diverse partners to listen, learn and develop shared values for effective engagement. We are better aligning our structures, processes, funding and incentives to reinforce effective practices consistent with these values, and to reinforce a culture of reciprocity. We are also seeking to co-ordinate our efforts and remove barriers to community engagement. The establishment of a joint framework for engagement with local and global partners is the first step. To shift the prevailing model and mindset, UBC is increasing support for students, faculty and staff working with, and in, the community. We are creating mechanisms for our partners to access and navigate the university. This strategy also extends to deepening our engagement with campus neighbourhoods to support the unique and vibrant experience of living at UBC.