Strategy 8: Student Research

Broaden access to, and enhance, student research experiences

UBC is expanding opportunities for undergraduates to gain first-hand experience in research and is strengthening research experiences for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Engagement in research builds in students the ability to apply their learning, create new knowledge and utilize research skills. UBC is developing better mechanisms to match undergraduate students with relevant research projects across the university and provide them with the appropriate support, building on the success of such initiatives as the student-run Undergraduate Research Opportunities and Undergraduate Research Awards programs at UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan, respectively. We are facilitating broadened research pathways for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, improving their mentorship and supervision, and creating opportunities for them to provide mentorship to others. These experiences will provide a firm foundation in skills and expertise for future careers, whether in academia or beyond. Success in this strategy demands an institutional culture that promotes collaboration, inclusion and innovation. We are creating an environment that enables such interactions across the university.