Strategy 19: Global Networks

Build and sustain strategic global networks, notably around the Pacific Rim, that enhance impact

We are prioritizing and supporting collaborations that benefit the world and our partners — as well as creating value at UBC — and fostering new alliances in areas of shared, strategic importance. We have an opportunity to leverage UBC’s location and diversity to further strengthen our Pacific Rim engagement, enhancing our capacity for regional and international influence and contributing to social cohesion more broadly. We support mechanisms, such as the UBC China Council, to advance our relationships and extend our connectedness. We are also simplifying processes for international collaboration. Finally, we continue to expand opportunities for faculty exchanges, for our students to study abroad through Go Global and other initiatives, and for international students to participate in exchange programs at UBC. Through collaboration, at home and abroad, we are helping students, faculty and staff broaden their perspectives, learn from peers and colleagues around the globe, and contribute to a shared positive impact.