Recognizing staff excellence in 2022

People and Places | Strategy 1: Great People
Theme: Collaboration

In support of Strategy 1: Great People, and UBC’s goal to attract, engage and retain a diverse global community, it is important to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of our faculty and staff.

Whether it’s advancing diversity and inclusion across campus, enhancing the UBC experience, providing leadership to colleagues and students, or contributing to campus spirit, the recipients of this year’s President’s Service Award for Excellence, the UBC Vancouver President’s Staff Awards, and the UBC Okanagan Staff Awards of Excellence exemplify UBC’s values in action.

President’s Service Awards for Excellence and the UBC Vancouver President’s Staff Awards recipents (left to right): Shannon Dunn, Asima Zahid, Daniel Strikaitis, Pinder Dosanjh, Vivian Becker, Bre Jakobsen, Kelvin Wu, Felicia de la Parra, Rob Kim, Jody Swift, Natalie Chambers, Venkat Mahadevan, Christine Lee, Bernie Flinn, Ella Wong, Thilini Leitan, Christine Klaray, Bonita Perko, Patricia Ormerod, Karen Yan, and Effiam Yung. Photo credit: Paul Joseph, UBC Brand & Marketing

President’s Service Awards for Excellence

The President’s Service Awards for Excellence are presented each year to up to outstanding staff members who have made outstanding contributions to UBC, and who excel in their personal achievements.

This year’s recipients are:

  • Pinder Dosanjh, Operations Manager, Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute
  • Shannon Dunn, Director, Business Operations; Finance and Operations (UBCO)
  • Patricia Ormerod, Laboratory of Archaeology Manager; Department of Anthropology
  • Jody Swift, Director, Strategic Initiatives; Faculty of Applied Science
  • Karen Yan, Graduate Program Assistant; Educational and Counselling Psychology and Special Education, Faculty of Education

Visit the Focus on People website to read this year’s citations.

UBC Vancouver President’s Staff Awards

The President’s Staff Awards at the Vancouver campus recognize the personal achievements and contributions that our staff make to UBC, and to the vision and goals of the university.

This year’s recipients are:

Advancing Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence

  • Natalie Chambers, Manager, Clinical Practice Placement Unit; School of Nursing
  • Christine Lee, Associate Director, Alumni Engagement; Development & Alumni Engagement | Faculty of Arts

Creativity and Innovation

  • Venkat Mahadevan, ARC Cloud Architect; Advanced Research Computing
  • Effiam Yung, Web Communications Specialist; Department of Language & Literacy Education, Faculty of Education

Enhancing UBC Experience

  • Vivian Becker and Kelvin Wu, Senior Immigration Advisors; Housing, Immigration and Relocation Services, Human Resources
  • Bernie Flinn, Senior Support Analyst; UBC IT | Peter A. Allard School of Law


  • Daniel Strikaitis, Head, Electrical Projects; Building Operations
  • Asima Zahid, Director, Student Solution; Integrated Renewal Program Student


  • Felicia de la Parra, Senior Library Assistant; Rare Books and Special Collections, Library
  • Christine Klaray, Director, Student Academic Services, and the Student Services team, Faculty of Land and Food Systems. This team includes Rob Kim, Career Strategist; Thilini Leitan, Student Engagement Officer; Ella Wong, International Academic Advisor; Bre Jakobsen, Academic Advisor, and; Bonita Perko, Academic Advisor.

Visit the Focus on People website to read this year’s citations.

UBC Okanagan Staff Awards of Excellence

(L-R) Camilo Pena, Alex Bayne, Dana Lowton, Casey Hamilton, Max Nevill, Damien Bell, Earllene Roberts, Irene McKechnie, Dominka Wesolowski, Janet Heisler, Kristi Hoffman, Jodi Siever, Lesley Cormak (not present: Jodie Foster, Gavin Yap)

At this year’s annual Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal’s Fall Town Hall, a number of employees were recognized for their outstanding service to the university though the Staff Awards of Excellence.

This year’s recipients are:

Advancing Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence

  • Damien Bell, Graduate Academic Services Officer; College of Graduate Studies

Enhancing the UBC Experience

  • Janet Heisler, Senior Department Assistant; Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science

Global Citizenship

  • Dana Lowton, Assistant Director; Go Global


  • Earllene Roberts, Manager; Disability Resource Centre

Okanagan Campus Spirit

  • The Okanagan Planning and Institutional Research Team: Jodie Foster, Kristi Hoffman, Irene McKechnie, Max Nevill, Camilo Pena, Jodi Siever, Dominika Wesolowski and Gavin Yap


  • Casey Hamilton, Wellbeing Strategist; Student Wellness

Visit the UBC Okanagan HR news page to read the citations.

Congratulations to everyone recognized this year for the significant impacts they have made to UBC.