Strategy 3: Thriving Communities

Support the ongoing development of sustainable, healthy and connected campuses and communities

We are advancing sustainability and wellbeing through renewal and innovation in our learning environments, operations and infrastructure. The expansion of the campus as a living laboratory model will address social and environmental issues beyond our campuses. We are sustaining efforts to make our campuses as safe as possible for those who study, work and live at UBC, and will continue to work with all community members to advance knowledge and practice in regards to sexual violence. We are promoting a supportive culture that enhances wellbeing and mental health, fostering connections and resilience across students, faculty and staff. Together with regional partners and residential communities, we are advocating for better transit to our campuses, as a complement to our focus on housing support. Improvements will not only benefit the thousands of students, faculty and staff who commute to UBC, but will also facilitate engagement beyond the university. Our campuses are situated in spectacular natural settings, and we are working to ensure harmony with the environment through the ecologically-sensitive design of new buildings and open spaces. We are also making our locations more accessible to persons with mobility challenges and those otherwise differently abled. All of this will improve the daily experience of many at UBC.