Strategy 5: Systems Renewal

Transform university-level systems and processes to facilitate collaboration, innovation and agility

To support UBC’s academic mission and public mandate, we are transforming the ways in which we work through improved administrative systems, fact-based decision-making and clear channels for community input. Our goal is to enable, encourage and streamline collegial governance, enhance collaboration and create better transparency, especially between our Vancouver and Okanagan campuses. UBC has embarked upon an ambitious program to rebuild its student information, human resources and financial management systems to improve their effectiveness and integration; timely implementation of these changes will remain a priority. UBC is supporting the development of tools to take advantage of these systems, including our new learning management system. These tools will benefit learners, instructors and the broader university, while respecting the privacy of all community members. Technology is playing a crucial role in enabling efforts to work more synergistically across our campuses and learning sites. We are carefully considering any academic policies, incentives and budget models that may be constraining collaboration and innovation, and will make changes, where required, to facilitate greater effectiveness.