Core Areas and Strategies

Our work as a public university is represented by four core areas: People and Places, Research Excellence, Transformative Learning and Local and Global Engagement.

These core areas form the building blocks for our continued success, and guide how key initiatives are prioritized across the university. Even though UBC has considerable strength — and exciting new activity — in all four core areas, there are clear opportunities for progress which the university sets out to address through Shaping UBC’s Next Century.

In addition to the core areas, the plan outlines 20 strategies that are helping to shape UBC’s future. There are rich connections between the strategies, themes and core areas outlined in this plan. Most embrace multiple facets of the university community and many engage our external partners. Each is intended to provide support and guidance to the activities of faculties, schools, departments and cross-cutting initiatives, as expressed in their respective strategic plans.

People and Places

At the heart of the university’s identity are the mutually reinforcing groups of people and locations (physical and virtual) that endow UBC with its special qualities and define how our work is accomplished. Learn more

Research Excellence

UBC is a research powerhouse. We are among the world’s leading universities for research across many fields. Our research has had a profound impact on several areas of society. Learn more

Transformative Learning

UBC is renowned for the excellence and breadth of its education and has a long-established track record in teaching and learning innovation. Learn more

Local and Global Engagement

UBC is locally integrated and globally connected; it has always been a place of community engagement. Indeed, global perspective is embedded in the histories and communities that have shaped the local context in British Columbia and at UBC. Learn more