Strategy 13: Practical Learning

Expand experiential, work-integrated and extended learning opportunities for students, faculty, staff and alumni

We are working with external partners and alumni to increase experiential learning—‘learning by doing’—across academic programs, and to enhance career services. Where these connections extend beyond the province, they create scope for UBC to broaden its perspective and capacity for influence. Through initiatives such as the Work Learn Program at UBC Vancouver, we are strengthening opportunities for students to develop professional and research skills while studying. All these efforts improve the ability of our graduates to secure meaningful employment. Through UBC Extended Learning, we are supporting faculty in expanding online and other accessible offerings in response to evolving demand from working practitioners and lifelong learners, many of whom are UBC alumni. Scholarly communication is a skill consistently ranked at the top of those required beyond the degree. In collaboration with all faculties at UBC Vancouver, the Faculty of Arts is creating a unit to house academic and professional communications curricula and related services. Our ability to make progress on this strategy is predicated on strong industry and community relationships; we are working hard to deepen and better co-ordinate these connections. We must also infuse a passion for continuous learning in our students, faculty and staff.