Adapting the university to new ways of working

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UBCV’s Emergency Management team members Cassandra Torres, Co-op student, and Hailey Maxwell, working in the Emergency Operations Centre, Vancouver

In March 2020, the outbreak of Covid-19 brought many changes to how UBC faculty, staff and students interacted with the campus, as we transitioned to online learning and remote working for most.

The shift brought with it the need to adapt quickly to meet new operational and safety requirements.  A new series by UBC Internal Communications recognizes faculty and staff who are adapting to new ways of working as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Custodial Services staff at UBC Vancouver practice physical distancing as they start and end their shifts.

Recognizing those still on campus maintaining our buildings

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the majority of faculty and staff are working from home right now. But for those still working on campus, the low occupancy doesn’t mean things have got easier. In fact, adapting work in response to the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in a new set of challenges. Read more…

Recognizing those still on campus working to keep us safe

Staying safe is everyone’s responsibility. But it’s also a full-time job for those in UBCV Safety and Risk Services and UBCO Health, Safety and Environment. On any given day, you’ll find members of their teams out on campus, providing essential support to the UBC community. Read more…

Hot meals on campus haven’t gone cold during the COVID-19 outbreak

Back in March, UBCV and UBCO Food Services closed most of the food outlets on campus as a result of COVID-19. The few that remained open have been serving as an important lifeline for the UBC community still living, working and studying on campus. Read more…

Chloe in UBCO Food Services waiting to take an order at Picnic in the University Centre.

How UBC went online — virtually overnight

It was late afternoon on Friday, March 13 when instructors learned that the university would be transitioning to online classes for the remainder of the term, as part of UBC’s coordinated response to COVID-19. Faculty had until Monday to figure out how to move their classes, lectures, mid-terms, and final exams online. Read more…