Strategy 15: Student Experience

Strengthen undergraduate and graduate student communities and experience

Working closely with student government, we are creating opportunities for students to feel more engaged and better supported during their time at UBC—outside as well as inside the classroom, across all our campuses and learning sites. We are expanding holistic, developmental and professional student advising and engagement to support students in determining and realizing academic, career and personal goals. This will enable our students to become self-directed learners who navigate—and increasingly shape—their pathways through courses and curriculum. We are heightening efforts to ensure the provision of mental-health resources for all our student populations. We continue to develop and improve student ‘hubs,’ such as the AMS Nest on the Vancouver campus and The Commons on the Okanagan campus. Attention to student wellbeing is afforded by major investments in UBC Recreation facilities, and initiatives such as Jump Start and the Collegia seek to help first-year students find their places at UBC. Our work fosters a greater sense of belonging, predicated on personal growth within smaller, diverse communities in the context of a large and complex community.