Shaping UBC’s Next Century sets out our collective vision, purpose, values, goals and strategies for the years ahead. It guides our decisions and actions — inspiring the very best in our students, faculty, staff, alumni and partners. It provides a roadmap to help UBC reach its potential and a mechanism through which we can be held accountable.

Our strategic focus is articulated within the plan as themes and core areas. A ‘dashboard’ of metrics will help us track our progress against our vision and goals. Success is dependent on the continued engagement and contribution of all members of the UBC community. We recognize that implementation will require sustained leadership, activity and resources.

The founders of UBC understood the university’s potential as a place of engagement; a place where relevant, innovative and impactful research would be conducted; a place where pressing societal issues would be examined, deliberated and resolved; and a place where critical thinking would always be welcomed, and informed citizens shaped. As we begin UBC’s next century, we will continue to strive to fulfil this potential in all that we do, locally, regionally, nationally and across the world. Shaping UBC’s Next Century will help guide the way.

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