Preparing our community for Workday Student: Interview with Dr. Rehan Sadiq

People and Places | Strategy 5: Systems Renewal
Theme: Innovation

As UBC approaches Launch 2 of Workday Student, the IRP Student team are sharing insights from the people behind the project. In December 2023, the IRP Student team spoke with Dr. Rehan Sadiq, Provost and Vice-President at UBC Okanagan, and IRP Student Executive Sponsor.

What excites you most about transitioning to Workday Student? 

Our current Student Information System (SIS) is over 30 years old and is simply not sustainable. Technology has changed so much, making it challenging to continue maintaining the old system. This change has been years in the making and has been carefully considered. We know the transition to Workday Student may bring some challenges, but I believe the new functionalities will lead to significant improvements and efficiencies. 

I am excited about the integrated approach of the new system. The access points for students, faculty and administrators are more streamlined and efficient. Tasks that previously took multiple applications will soon be accomplished solely through Workday Student. 

What message do you have for staff or faculty who are nervous about adjusting to Workday Student? 

I encourage everyone to have a positive mindset. I can appreciate the concerns of our faculty and staff, and, at the same time, I also want to highlight the positive aspects, such as improved functionality and adaptability. Part of my role as an Executive Sponsor is to provide reassurance. Effective communication, robust training and a strong support team are some ways we are preparing for this transition.  

I was part of the team that previously introduced Workday for Finance and HR, and there were many learnings from that experience. What stands out the most is the importance of clear communication about the institution’s vision and providing necessary resources for faculty and staff. I have tried to ensure these learnings are carried over to the current project. 

Please visit the IRP Student website to read the full interview.

Through Strategy 5: Systems Renewal, UBC is committed to improving its student information, human resources and financial management systems to improve their effectiveness and integration.