Advocating for change and creating opportunities for Black law students

Transformative Learning | Strategy 15: Student Experience
Theme: Inclusion
Lynn Momprevil and Hannah Goodridge

Hannah Goodridge and Lynn Momprevil are second-year law students and co-presidents of UBC Black Law Students’ Association (BLSA). This month, they’re gearing up for two big events. The annual BLSA Canada Conference was in Vancouver, February 17-20, while the second Black Pre-Law Conference, co-hosted by the UBC BLSA and Allard Law, will take place on Saturday, March 12.

In addition to organizing networking, recruitment and professional opportunities, members of the UBC BLSA are highly active in advocacy work aimed at addressing anti-Black and systemic racism at the law school and in the justice system – all while navigating life as law students.

Goodridge and Momprevil were interviewed to share their experiences as co-presidents of UBC BLSA, and to talk about opportunities at UBC for Black law students, practicing lawyers, and individuals who are considering law school. Please read the story at the Allard School of Law website.

Through Strategy 15: Student Experience, UBC is committed to supporting students as they create their own engagement opportunities during their time at UBC—outside as well as inside the classroom, across all campuses and learning sites.