Life Sciences Institute named UBC Global Research Excellence Institute (GREx)

Research Excellence | Strategy 6: Collaborative Clusters
Theme: Collaboration

The Life Sciences Institute has been designated a UBC Global Research Excellence Institute (GREx) and is ready to formally launch the Biological Resilience Initiative (BRI).

As the first initiative in Canada to study life science questions through the lens of innate resilience, the BRI will be a generative hub, focusing innovative, interdisciplinary collaborations on the grand challenges that face human health — and the health of our planet — including but not limited to:

  • The race against antimicrobial resistance
  • Cancer as a failure of biological resilience across scales – from molecules and cells to the whole organism
  • Cellular plasticity in immune resilience
  • Metabolic stability and resilience in healthy aging
  • Harnessing microbial resilience for sustainability

UBC GREx institutes advance global excellence in collaborative and interdisciplinary research. They aim to integrate fundamental and translational research, and allow research clusters to realize their full potential and impact. The LSI becomes the fourth GREx institute at UBC.

Please visit the LSI website to read the full announcement.

Through Strategy 6: Collaborative Clusters, UBC is enabling interdisciplinary collaborations both internally and externally, in pursuit of enhanced societal impact.