CDL-Vancouver introduces Compute stream to scale revolutionizing technologies

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Theme: Innovation

Creative Destruction Lab-Vancouver (CDL-Vancouver) is launching CDL Compute, a specialization that has evolved from learning on the Prime stream. CDL-Vancouver is based at the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. The new stream will focus on scaling solutions for 5G and connectivity, edge, spatial compute, AV/VR and meta, as well as processing and decentralization, by bringing together world-renowned scientists, academics, visionary entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to provide mentorship, networking and investment opportunities to participating ventures.

“CDL’s goal is to support the translation of science and technology into commercial impact for the betterment of humanity,” says Darrell Kopke, director of CDL-Vancouver. “Given British Columbia’s emerging expertise in advanced computing areas such as edge computing, iOT, decentralized finance, web3 and the metaverse, we felt the timing was right to support in driving these technologies forward.”

“We aim to support technology founders to massively scale their ventures,” says Kopke. CDL-Vancouver will be accepting massively scalable, pre-seed and seed-stage startups working on new computing hardware and software with a focus on core enabling technologies, such as the development of drastically faster and more efficient computing through non-general-processing-unit-based systems; new localization or connectivity technologies, resulting in order-of-magnitude better wireless data transfer; and greater decentralization.

Please read the full story at the Sauder School of Business site.

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