System developed by UBC professor Mark Johnson helps to monitor water use in farms

Data helps drive diversified agroecosystems research

At the dinner table, do you stop and think about the resources needed to produce the food on your fork? That bite of broccoli, for example, grew from clean water, rich soil (to deliver nutrients), and a variety of insects and animals (for pollination, fertilization and pest control). It also needed human resources — knowledge […]

Che-Min Lee presenting at UBC’s Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference

Enhancing undergraduate research experiences

“We’re designing a program to engage students to come together across disciplines and tackle a problem that is relevant to the communities they identify with,” explains Liam Orme, UBC alumnus and coordinator of the UBC Climate Hub. Mr. Orme joined the student-driven Climate Hub last year, while he was a student in the Bachelor of […]

With UBC ARC Sockeye, the university is enhancing advanced research computing infrastructure

Capital investment poised to transform big data research at UBC

In a laboratory in the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute, researchers work to identify the consequences of genetic variations. To do so, they rely on computational methods and tools, such as sophisticated software, databases and algorithms, which require a powerful infrastructure. “The future of medicine lies in our ability to analyze vast amounts of patient […]

Heiltsuk ‘tiny’ homes under construction in Bella Bella, B.C.

Tiny solution to big housing shortage issue

When the Heiltsuk Tribal Council approached UBC in 2017, the Nation was facing a major housing crisis. The Heiltsuk population had been growing steadily for the past two decades but, despite an increased demand by members to live in their home community of Bella Bella, there was a severe shortage of suitable housing. Leadership had […]

One of the goals of CHBE’s program redesign is to improve experiential learning in laboratories.

Chemical and Biological Engineering embarks on impactful program redesign

Second-year undergraduate students enrolled in UBC’s chemical engineering and chemical and biological engineering program have started their academic year under a revised curriculum, which includes four new courses aimed at introducing students to the design process, strengthening knowledge in foundational sciences and improving experiential learning in laboratories. The changes are part of an ongoing redesign […]

UBCO students volunteer at the Kelowna Family YMCA

Initiative encourages UBCO students to give back to the community

At least once a year, UBC Okanagan students join forces to mop floors, bake cookies or muck out horse stalls, among other tasks. The activities are all part of Days of Caring — held in partnership with the United Way — in which students spend their Reading Week volunteering with community organizations. Days of Caring […]