Announcing the 2020/21 Open Educational Resources Fund awarded projects

Research Excellence | Strategy 9: Knowledge Exchange
Theme: Innovation

The University of British Columbia is committed to making education more affordable and accessible through the use of open educational resources (OER). The Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic is pleased to announce the first round of 2020/21 OER Fund projects. As of February 15, over $220,500 in project grants have been approved to support the development and implementation of a wide range of OER projects, from open textbooks and open problem sets to online interactive resources. When fully developed and implemented, the resources created by these projects should impact at least an estimated 5,500 students per year and result in significant cost savings when they are used in place of paid learning materials. It is estimated that over 60% of total funding will go to hiring students to support and co-create these projects.

OERs are teaching and learning resources that are free of cost and access barriers and are openly available for anyone to reuse, adapt and share. In alignment with UBC’s Strategic Plan, Shaping UBC’s Next Century, UBC Vancouver has committed $250,000 in annual funding for four years to support the creation, adaption, and use of OERs in UBCV courses. The OER Fund consist of two grant pathways: OER Implementation Grants of up to $25,000 which are awarded on annual cycle and OER Rapid Innovation Grants of up to $1,000, which are open on a rolling basis.

For more information on the OER Fund, visit the Open UBC website.

Congratulations to the first round of awarded projects.