Under the microscope: Examining EDI in and out of the lab

People and Places | Strategy 4: Inclusive Excellence
Theme: Inclusion
Anne Nguyen and Dr. Brent Page, co-chairs of the UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Anne Nguyen and Dr. Brent Page were inspired to form UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences’ Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, following a discriminatory comment in a laboratory setting.

The 15-16 person team consists of members from all levels of UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences, each passionate about spreading awareness and creating a safe space in the building for people to learn about and act on issues concerning equity, diversity and inclusion.

The committee connects researchers with resources from UBC’s Equity & Inclusion Office to educate themselves and offer a space for people to turn to. Meetings occur monthly with new workshops and fresh ideas; a symposium highlighting diversity and inclusion in Pharmaceutical Sciences is yet another exciting projects in the works.

Visit the Equity & Inclusion site to read the full story.

UBC is committed to cultivating and supporting a diverse community that creates and sustains equitable and inclusive campuses, through Strategy 4: Inclusive Excellence