UBC Library launches Open Publishing Program

Research Excellence | Strategy 9: Knowledge Exchange
Theme: Innovation

The UBC Library has lately added a number of additional services to its newest portfolio, the Open Publishing Program. Assessment of Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), ORCID ID integration, and digital preservation services are among these services, which are meant to make it easier for UBC academics, students, and staff to publish scholarly journals on digital media.

The Open Publishing Program is an open access journal and text service that assists UBC academics, researchers, instructors, students, and staff in creating open access publications for scholarship and education. This free service strives to promote open scholarship by offering the tools and resources needed to make UBC information resources open to the public.

By offering server space, support, and access to Open Journal Systems (OJS), a prominent open source program used for maintaining and publishing scholarly journals, the Library now hosts 30 active open access journals. OJS was developed by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP), a non-profit multi-university program in which the UBC Library is a partner and key contributor, and is now utilized by over 25,000 journals throughout the world.

Read the full story at the UBC Library website.

Through Strategy 9: Knowledge Exchange, UBC is working to ensure open and convenient access to academic resources for the public.