UBC Language Sciences Institute ready to tackle society’s pressing problems

Research Excellence | Strategy 6: Collaborative Clusters
Theme: Collaboration
Language Sciences members (l-r) Dr. Carla Hudson Kam, Dr. Daisy Rosenblum, Dr. Bonny Norton, Dr. Raymond Ng, Dr. Janet Werker and Dr. Guofang Li. Photo credit: Paul Joseph/VPRI

Language is a vital system that affects everything around and within us, from public and personal health, to economic wealth, to cultural vitality. By bringing together language researchers from diverse disciplines, UBC Language Sciences is helping to tackle some of the most important and pressing questions of our time.

Co-directors Dr. Janet Werker, Professor of Psychology, and Dr. Bryan Gick, Professor of Linguistics, discuss why we need interdisciplinary language research and what the future holds as a newly approved Global Research Excellence Institute (GREx). In this Q+A, Dr. Werker and Dr. Gick address the need for interdisciplinary language research, how Language Sciences evolved at UBC since its founding in 2015, and what the future hold for language sciences research.

Please visit the Language Sciences site to read the Q + A and learn more about UBC Language Sciences Institute.

Through Strategy 6: Collaborative Clusters, UBC is enabling interdisciplinary collaborations both internally and externally, in pursuit of enhanced societal impact.