The flow of water: From the mountains to the campus

People and Places | Strategy 3: Thriving Communities
Theme: Collaboration
Ligia Gheorghita and Jason White at UBC’s Martha Piper Plaza Fountain | Photo credit: Martin Dee \ UBC Communications

Water is a crucial resource at UBC, for basic human needs and to support research and operations. The story of water at UBC’s Vancouver campus is complex, and rests in the hands of dedicated teams from across the VP Finance & Operations portfolio, including Energy & Water Services, Building Operations, Safety & Risk Services, and the university’s finance teams.

Working to provide service in support of operations and UBC’s dedication to sustainability, VPFO staff ensure the university has a clean, safe, and sustainable resource on tap — by procuring, securing, testing, delivering, financially managing, and safely disposing of the university’s water. Through this work, the university is committed to ensuring water is available to support world-class research, to heat and cool our buildings, and to drink.

Visit the VPFO site to read the full story.

UBC is committed to advancing sustainability through renewal and innovation in our learning environments, operations and infrastructure through Strategy 3: Thriving Communities.