Tackling historical, systemic and intersectional anti-racism with a new local open online course

People and Places | Strategy 4: Inclusive Excellence
Theme: Inclusion
People march towards the Washington Monument at the Black Lives Matter protest in Washington DC, 6/6/2020. Photo captured by Clay Banks (IG: @clay.banks)

The UBC Faculty of Education has launched a new Local Open Online Course (LOOC) titled ‘Historical, Systemic and Intersectional Anti-racism: From Awareness to Action’. The course aims to provide participants with a thorough understanding of racism’s deep-rooted presence across different spheres of society.

Participants will gain a deep understanding of the hegemony of racism through systematically uncovering implicit and explicit forms of racism and its colonial and intersectional impacts on marginalized peoples and their communities, as well as how racism is embedded and experienced in everyday interactions and relationships.

Learners from across disciplines, professions, organizations and communities will be challenged to think critically about racism, while moving towards awareness, action and dismantling institutional and systemic racism to help create lasting change.

Although the course was developed with practising teachers, teacher candidates, school leaders, and counsellors in mind, the Faculty of Education invites graduate students, faculty, staff and participants from other professions interested in developing an understanding of antiracism education and making a difference in their spaces.

Read more about the course on the Faculty of Education website.

Through Strategy 4: Inclusive Excellence, UBC is committed to expanding learning opportunities for staff and faculty to maximize awareness and understanding of the principles and actions of antiracism, diversity, equity and inclusion.