Student volunteers at the heart of the Agora Café experience

Transformative Learning | Strategy 15: Student Experience
Theme: Collaboration
Cara LeGault and Vanessa Yeung in Agora Café. Photo by Martin Dee

Agora Café, a staple in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems since 2005, is a student- and volunteer-run café operating out of the MacMillan building.  Guided by a philosophy to provide affordable, accessible, healthy, local and organic food choices to their community, the student-led team focuses on helping their volunteers learn about food service and business management. On average, 100 students volunteer at the café each term, representing a variety of programs and faculties across the Vancouver campus.

Sustainability is at the heart of every decision. The café supports local and organic agriculture by purchasing the majority of its produce from the UBC Farm and Orchard Garden. Waste is minimized by redirecting organic matter into compost, and reusable dishware encouraged. These measures are now common at most campus food outlets, but at Agora, they have been a staple since the beginning.

“What allows Agora to shine in a crowded field on campus is the direct and open communication with our community,” said Cara LeGault, a third-year student majoring in Sustainable Agriculture & Environment.

The volunteer experiences  at Agora Café are one way in which UBC students are shaping and navigating their academic and their community experiences (Strategy #15: Student Experience).

Please read the full story in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems’ Reach-Out magazine.