IRP Student – 2021 in Review

People and Places | Strategy 5: Systems Renewal
Theme: Innovation
Students in the Nest | Photo credit: Martin Dee / UBC Brand & Marketing

In 2021, IRP Student had a very successful year! From finalizing system designs, to hosting successful community engagements, to reaching major project milestones, so much was achieved on UBC’s journey to a renewed student information ecosystem.

IRP Student would not have been able to achieve all it has in 2021 without the tremendous support and help of the UBC community. IRP Student sponsors, stakeholders, Community Design Consultants, Student Process and Outcomes Committee (SPOC) members, the Academic Model and Transformation Advisory Committee (AMTAC), and many others contributed significantly to the success of the program. 2022 will bring many more accomplishments through continued partnerships across both campuses. Thank you to each and every person who has contributed their time and knowledge to this important initiative.

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Through Strategy 5: Systems Renewal, UBC is committed to improving its student information, human resources and financial management systems to improve their effectiveness and integration.