In the Field: Learning Without Borders

Transformative Learning | Strategy 13: Practical Learning
Theme: Innovation
Children in Rurka Kalan, India, participating in a game with UBC Okanagan education candidates

For four weeks, UBC Okanagan Bachelor of Education students embark on a unique learning experience through Community Field Experience (EDUC 442). The course is an essential part of the Bachelor’s program and involves pairing teacher candidates with community partners.

The benefits are twofold: candidates gain knowledge and wisdom offered by their community partner while working together to achieve the goals of the partner organization, while partners benefit from teaching candidates who have innovative ideas and new energy.

The Community Field Experience (CFE) course represents UBC’s efforts to work with external partners and alumni to increase experiential learning – or learning by doing – across academic programs (Strategy 13: Practical Learning).

Education student Alyssa Pembleton, who spent time in Hartley Bay, B.C., says the experience has shaped her perspective of community and identity. “Building that community in my classroom will be an important first step and will pave the way to being able to explore identity. I want to provide opportunities for my students to constantly be reminded of their strength and worth.”

Visit UBC Okanagan’s In the Field website to read more about the impactful and eye-opening experiences of students involved in the CFE program.