Four Black scholars leading innovative research in Arts

Research Excellence | Strategy 10: Research Culture
Theme: Inclusion
(left to right) Dr. Crystal Lynn Webster; Dr. Nalo Hopkinson; Dr. Alexis McGee; and Dr. Dennis Austin Britton | Photos courtesy of the Faculty of Arts

In honour of Black History Month, four Black scholars from UBC’s Faculty of Arts spoke about their inspiring research, the importance of Black storytelling and world-building, and their advice for aspiring scholars.

Please visit the Faculty of Arts website to read the conversations and insights from:

  • Dr. Nalo Hopkinson, Professor in the School of Creative Writing
  • Dr. Crystal Lynn Webster, Assistant Professor in the Department of History
  • Dr. Alexis McGee, Assistant Professor in the School of Journalism, Writing, and Media
  • Dr. Dennis Austin Britton, Associate Professor in the Department of English Language and Literatures

Through Strategy 10: Research Culture, UBC is working to foster the principles and practices that build a collaborative and inclusive research culture, and that support mentorship, scholarship, discovery and creativity.