Research Excellence

Research Excellence

UBC is a research powerhouse. We are among the world’s leading universities for research across many fields. Our research has had a profound impact on several areas of society. Continued success requires both disciplinary depth and collaboration within and across disciplines and communities. It demands the creation of new knowledge and its accelerated translation into action. It also necessitates resources for research services that enable researchers to achieve excellence in a highly competitive landscape. Research might lead to spinoffs that take advantage of technological developments, but impact is also to be found in projects that lead to social innovations, that inform our understanding of history, or that enrich our world through creative works. Research Excellence encompasses this broad vision of accomplishment.


Strategy 6. Collaborative clusters: Enable interdisciplinary clusters of research excellence in pursuit of societal impact

Strategy 7. Research support: Strengthen shared infrastructure and resources to support research excellence

Strategy 8. Student research: Broaden access to, and enhance, student research experiences

Strategy 9. Knowledge exchange: Improve the ecosystem that supports the translation of research into action

Strategy 10. Research culture: Foster a strong and diverse research culture that embraces the highest standards of integrity, collegiality and service

Snapshot: Research Excellence

Working on problems from multiple perspectives— informed by a depth of expertise in different disciplines— can bring new insights and enable solutions to the hardest problems facing society. Forming partnerships and networks across disciplines requires support to enable new interactions and determine common foundations on which to build. UBC’s research clusters program helps these collaborations occur, coalescing activities and resources in areas of needed impact.

At UBC Vancouver, the Research Excellence Clusters Initiative funded 25 clusters in its first year. These span the performing and creative arts, science and engineering, health and the social sciences, and the humanities. The second competition, in 2017, awarded 33 clusters across all disciplines, 16 of which were renewal awards. At UBC Okanagan, five research clusters funded through the Eminence Program are investigating such issues as community health and neurobiology.

Interdisciplinary research is also being supported with the establishment of President’s Excellence Chairs in diverse areas, from media studies to brain health. Research clusters exemplify strategic focus across our three themes (inclusion, collaboration and innovation), and they serve as a demonstration project for the cultural and behavioural change envisaged in this plan.

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