Apply for the Equity Enhancement Fund by May 31, 2021

People and Places | Strategy 4: Inclusive Excellence
Theme: Inclusion

The Equity Enhancement Fund supports community-based initiatives that enhance equity, diversity and inclusion at UBC, in alignment with Strategy 4: Inclusive Excellence. Preference will be given to initiatives which:

  • Build student, faculty, and staff competencies and understanding related to issues of equity, diversity and inclusion through community-engaged activities.
  • Promote a respectful environment at UBC through education, dialogue, and community engagement.
  • Have observable and/or measurable benefits to the representation or experiences of historically disadvantaged groups within the UBC community.
  • Support UBC’s equity & inclusion efforts as outlined in the Inclusion Action Plan.

NEW for 2021: Initiatives must advance one or more of the actions outlined under the goals of the Inclusion Action Plan. Applications are now open until May 31, 2021.