Applications open for Climate and Wellbeing Education Grants

People and Places | Strategy 3: Thriving Communities
Theme: Innovation
Three students stand, talking, on a staircase in the Forestry Sciences Centre.

Climate and Wellbeing Education Grants provide up to $6,000 to UBC faculty members to incorporate climate change and wellbeing content and pedagogy into existing undergraduate and graduate courses.

The program aims to improve the depth and delivery of climate change content in existing courses, bolstering topics such as climate adaptation and resilience, climate justice, climate science, climate economics, climate law, planning and policy, complex systems thinking, and the nexus between climate and human health and wellbeing. All areas of inquiry related to climate change and teaching are eligible.

Apply by June 12, 2023.

Through Strategy 3: Thriving Communities, UBC is committed to supporting the ongoing development of sustainable, healthy and connected campuses and communities.