A new home for life science students at UBC

People and Places | Strategy 2: Inspiring Spaces
Theme: Collaboration
Undergraduate Life Sciences Teaching Laboratories at UBC Vancouver

Students can now study for careers in the life sciences in renovated and expanded Undergraduate Life Sciences Teaching Laboratories at UBC Vancouver.

The $91-million project increases capacity and provides life sciences students with opportunities to learn in teaching laboratories, modern classrooms, and study areas designed to encourage collaboration and hands-on learning. It replaces some building facilities that are more than 70 years old.

The project demolished, renovated and expanded spaces in the Biological Sciences Centre and North Wings, and Wesbrook and DH Copp buildings at UBC, consolidating the life and biological sciences teaching labs on campus into one space, including botany, zoology, microbiology and immunology, the physiological sciences, biochemistry and molecular biology. The space serves both faculty and over 2,600 students in UBC’s life sciences programs.

The refreshed teaching and learning spaces support the advancement of Strategy 2: Inspiring Spaces of UBC’s Strategic Plan, reflecting the university’s efforts to create welcoming physical and virtual spaces to advance collaboration, innovation and community engagement.

To learn more, please read the story from the Faculty of Science.