2023 Climate and Wellbeing Education Grants Unveiled

People and Places | Strategy 3: Thriving Communities
Theme: Collaboration

The Sustainability Hub and UBC Wellbeing extend warm congratulations to the awardees of the inaugural Climate and Wellbeing Education Grants. Born from a growing imperative, our program builds capacity on the vital connections between health, wellbeing, and the ever-pressing climate concerns.

The depth and diversity of curriculum projects from seven faculties and 11 departments across two campuses will explore and inspire action on climate, health and wellbeing connections. We look forward to seeing how these projects transform classrooms in creative and innovative ways.

In the academic year ahead, grant recipients will form a Climate and Wellbeing cohort to share insights, challenges, and pathways to expand and enrich climate education at UBC. 

This funding commitment aligns with priorities in the Climate Emergency Task Force Report on ‘Expanding Climate Education Opportunities and Resources for the UBC Community and Broader Public, and Supporting Community Wellbeing in the Face of the Climate Crisis.’

“Imagine a world where climate education is seamlessly integrated into every discipline. The IPCC’s reports stress that this isn’t just an option; we need to increase all types of climate education to adapt, mitigate risks, improve human and ecosystem health and end climate injustice. The Climate and Wellbeing Education grants are helping UBC move towards this goal.  From planetary health to engineering to children’s literature, the grants are all about creating a future where knowledge empowers action both for the planet and the well-being of us all.” Linda Nowlan, Senior Director, Sustainability Hub.

“From forest fires to food insecurity, to community displacement, climate change adversely impacts our health and wellbeing in so many ways, both on and off our campuses. These projects showcase the innovation and skills UBC can harness to support classroom conversations about the climate emergency and ways to advance human and ecological wellbeing.” Matt Dolf, Director, Office of Wellbeing Strategy.

Visit the Sustainability Hub website to read about the successful projects.

Through Strategy 3: Thriving Communities, UBC is committed to supporting the ongoing development of sustainable, healthy and connected campuses and communities.