Vision, Purpose and Values

In developing this plan, we have renewed our vision and purpose as a university, reflecting our ongoing commitment to excellence in the academic mission, to citizenship and to positive change. Five enduring values underpin all our activities, interactions and decisions — from classrooms and laboratories, to committees and leadership, to our interactions with the world.


Inspiring people, ideas and actions for a better world



Pursuing excellence in research, learning and engagement to foster global citizenship and advance a sustainable and just society across British Columbia, Canada and the world



A profound and aspirational value: the quality of striving to be, and being, outstanding


A moral value: the quality of being honest, ethical and truthful


An essential and learned value: regard felt or shown towards different people, ideas and actions

Academic Freedom

A unique value of the academy: a scholar’s freedom to express ideas through respectful discourse and the pursuit of open discussion, without risk of censure


A personal and public value: being responsible for our conduct and actions and delivering upon our respective and reciprocal commitments