UBC’s Blue and Gold Campaign for Students helping students realize their potential

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Theme: Inclusion

The statistics are staggering: student debt in British Columbia has risen 88 per cent since 1999, and the average student debt load now tops $28,000 for an undergraduate degree.  

Recognizing the financial challenges faced by today’s students, UBC launched the Blue & Gold Campaign for Students in 2017, which set an ambitious fundraising target of $100-million over three years. Now that the campaign has reached its goal, UBC is doubling its target, hoping to raise $200-million by 2022 to help more students access life-changing education and enhanced student experiences.

“Students are at the heart of what we do. Ultimately, we want to ensure that more students get access to the best possible education without overwhelming financial concerns. Our Blue & Gold Campaign for Students goes a long way to helping achieve this and demonstrates the positive impact donor support has on our community.”

Prof. Santa J. Ono, UBC’s President and Vice-Chancellor

Learn more about UBC’s Blue & Gold Campaign for Students, and how the university currently provides more than $100-million annually in financial supports to students.

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