Because opportunities and challenges are rarely confined to the expertise of a single individual, or even respect disciplinary or institutional boundaries, we must become more adept at collaboration. From climate change, to emerging health issues like the opioid crisis, to our strained social cohesion, progress will require new ways of working within and across disciplines and with the community.

Snapshot: Collaboration

UBC Health is an institutional consortium across UBC’s health disciplines. It complements the activities of individual faculties and schools, through its focus on tasks of shared importance that require intensive coordination. As the sole education provider in British Columbia for many health disciplines, UBC is uniquely placed to play a leading role in the provincial and national transition to a system that is more patient-centred, community-based, team-oriented and evidence-informed. Together with our health authority affiliates, UBC accounts for over 80 per cent of health research in British Columbia and has worked closely with other universities to increase provincial research funding.

The university is intent on facilitating the path towards a more integrated health care system, and UBC Health is critical in this aim. The UBC Plan in Health outlines priorities for interdisciplinary research, education and innovation that support this ambition, enabling the university to help activate the collective assets of the province in the pursuit of greater societal wellbeing and economic benefit.


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