Outstanding Work Environment

The University provides a fulfilling environment in which to work, learn, and live, reflecting our values and encouraging the open exchange of ideas and opinions.

Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.
Gautama Buddha

UBC’s workforce is 19,000 strong. That’s 19,000 unique worlds: individuals with their own families and friends, volunteer commitments, and myriad personal passions. Where they meet is at work, and together they have created not only a world-leading academic institution but also one of Canada’s best places to work.

Recognizing that an organization is its people, UBC strives first to retain the faculty and staff who have shaped its present success and then to attract those who can best help it uphold the commitments made in this plan.

UBC sustains an inclusive atmosphere of collegiality and respect by increasing its investment in the coordinated orientation of new recruits, development and recognition programs, health and well-being initiatives, and leader training and support.

Spectacular natural surroundings and visionary campus plans help make UBC an outstanding place to work, learn, and live. But at the heart of UBC’s world are its people.

Goal Be the place of choice for outstanding faculty and staff

Portfolio Action

Ensure processes and supports are in place to recruit and retain outstanding faculty and staff

  • Continue to pilot workforce planning in an effort to better utilize human resources analytics to support University decision-making. (VPHR)
  • Implement a new orientation and onboarding program for new faculty and staff in Vancouver. (VPHR)
  • Identify and implement new ways to support faculty and staff navigating Canada’s immigration requirements. (VPHR, Provost Van)

Expand opportunities for professional and personal development and career progression at UBC

  • Take an organizational view to workplace learning by developing a Workplace Learning Framework (VPHR)
  • Continue to support the capacity of heads, directors and managers to have conversations with staff and faculty to encourage and facilitate professional, personal and career development (VPHR, VPA, Provost Okanagan)

Collaborate on the implementation of the Housing Action Plan

  • Implement the third cycle of the Faculty Home Ownership Program in Spring 2016 (VPA, VPHR).
  • Administration procedures under development for Rent-Geared-To Income program, targeting implementation late 2016. (VPA, VPHR)

Enhance communication skills of faculty and staff and implement the internal communication strategy.

  • Improve the UBC online administrative and faculty directory (VPER).
  • Continue to find opportunities to enhance internal communication across UBC with a specific focus on leadership communications. (VPER)
  • Encourage workplace conversations about: mental health and wellbeing, recognition, and performance conversations with all faculty and staff in response to the 2014 Workplace Experiences Survey (VPHR)

Goal Be a healthy, safe, inspiring workplace that cultivates well-being, resilience, and commitment, and be responsive to the family needs of faculty and staff

Portfolio Action

Foster a respectful, inclusive and collegial work environment

  • Develop an Equity & Inclusion Strategic Plan (AVP Equity)
  • Implement a Sexual Assault Policy and a sexual assault action plan on education and prevention (AVP Equity)
  • Collaborate on the implementation on the actions resulting from the Hon. Lynn Smith, QC report to ensure the academic freedom is safeguarded and preserved at UBC (VPA, DVC, VPHR)
  • Share results from Undergraduate Student Employee Workplace Survey with those areas of the University that employ students (VPHR, VPS, AVPS)

Diversify and expand healthy workplace initiatives

  • Continue to champion “Wellbeing at UBC” http://www.wellbeing.ubc.ca across the University and identify how UBC can implement principles and calls to action in the “The Okanagan Charter: An international charter for health promoting universities & colleges.” (VPA, DVC, VPS, VPHR).
  • Provide increased resources to support action at unit level to implement priorities.
  • Continue focus on health promotion activities and outreach with focus on mental health and increasing faculty engagement and targeted workplace units. (VPHR)
  • Conduct review of mental health resources and services to determine opportunities to implement enhanced provisions. (VPHR)
  • Implement the updated Health Workplace Initiatives Program (HWIP) (VPHR)

Ensure that academic and administrative heads and directors have the training, time and support they require to be effective

  • Conduct an external review of Managing@UBC and Implement recommendations. (VPHR)

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