Commitments, Goals, and Actions

Creating an exceptional learning environment…

UBC has made specific commitments, each paired with goals and actions designed to see them through.

The University’s core commitments are to student learning, research excellence and community engagement. The remaining commitments have been chosen to support UBC’s core mission, capitalize on strengths and focus attention on where the University most needs to grow.

Student Learning

The University provides the opportunity for transformative student learning through outstanding teaching and research, enriched educational experiences, and rewarding campus life.

Research Excellence

The University creates and advances knowledge and understanding, and improves the quality of life through the discovery, dissemination, and application of research within and across disciplines.

Community Engagement

The University serves and engages society to enhance economic, social, and cultural well-being.

Aboriginal Engagement

The University engages Aboriginal people in mutually supportive and productive relationships, and works to integrate understandings of Indigenous cultures and histories into its curriculum and operations.

Alumni Engagement

The University engages its alumni fully in the life of the institution as valued supporters , advocates, and lifelong learners who contribute to and benefit from connections to each other and to the University.

Intercultural Understanding

The University engages in reflection and action to build intercultural aptitudes, create a strong sense of inclusion, and enrich our intellectual and social life.

International Engagement

The University creates rich opportunities for international engagement for students, faculty, staff, and alumni, and collaborates and communicates globally.

Outstanding Work Environment

The University provides a fulfilling environment in which to work, learn, and live, reflecting our values and encouraging the open exchange of ideas and opinions.


The University explores and exemplifies all aspects of economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

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