Students shape learning through TLEF partnerships

Transformative Learning | Strategy 13: Practical Learning
Theme: Innovation
Meryn Corkery, Colin Dring & Joyce Liao from the Faculty of Land & Food Systems. Their TLEF project focuses on developing open access teaching and learning resources on food justice, exploring how oppressions manifest in the food systems through an intersectional lens.

Across the university, hundreds of innovative educational projects are underway, all working to enhance learning at UBC—and students are contributing to every part of the process.

The projects are funded through the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF), a program that supports innovative educational enhancements. Since its creation in 1991, the TLEF has funded more than 1,000 innovative projects that have enriched the student learning experience.

The TLEF is financed entirely by a portion of student tuition, and students are involved in all aspects, from sitting on the Adjudication Committee to developing, implementing and evaluating these projects.

For the 2019/20 funding round, 236 students will be hired to work on TLEF project teams. More than $1-million of TLEF funding will be spent hiring students in roles such as teaching assistants, research or academic assistants, co-op students and Work Learn students.

The TLEF is one way that UBC is engaging students as partners to enhance teaching and learning, thereby supporting the expansion of experiential, work-integrated and extended learning opportunities (Strategy 13: Practical Learning). This form of student engagement emphasizes involving students in every stage of collaboration, from planning an idea to evaluating its outcomes. In this process, students are equal and valuable team members, contributing their unique knowledge and expertise to shape a project.

Visit the TLEF website to learn about two exciting student projects related to augmented learning and addressing equity in food systems.