People and Place: The beating heart of UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences

People and Places | Strategy 2: Inspiring Spaces
Theme: Innovation

The UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences building on UBC’s Vancouver campus, located at the intersection of Wesbrook Mall and Agronomy Road, is a 246,000square-foot architectural landmark. Opened in 2012, the building is home to an ever-expanding Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and transformational hub of learning, research, and innovation. The construction of the building was made possible by an $86.4-million investment from the Province of British Columbia and the generous support of donors, including many UBC Pharm Sci alumni.

Dr. Robert (Bob) Sindelar, former Dean of the UBC School of Pharmacy (2002 to 2013), worked tirelessly to acquire funds and facilitate the construction of the new Pharmaceutical Sciences building. He sums up the endeavor into three words: “Vision into reality.”

The building’s architecture is modelled to represent a forest. The floors are connected by staircases simulating organic branches, while atriums fill its canopy with sunlight. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold-certified structure tackles sustainability in numerous critical areas, including mobility, energy and water use, and construction materials.

To read the full story, please visit the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences website.

The establishment of dedicated, accessible and inspiring physical and virtual spaces in order to promote learning, innovation and interaction is one of the foundations of the UBC Strategic Plan, as defined under Strategy 2: Inspiring Spaces.