Imagining UBC’s Digital Future

People and Places | Strategy 5: Systems Renewal
Theme: Innovation
UBC Irving K Barber Learning Centre | Photo credit: Martin Dee / UBC Brand & Marketing

Digital UBC aims to develop a forward-looking strategy that advances Shaping UBC’s Next Century and reflects the needs of the community in the context of a post-pandemic world. With a view to sustaining UBC’s position at the forefront of technology experimentation and adoption in the sector, the digital strategy will guide technology decisions, actions and investments across UBC over the coming years, with due consideration to UBC’s financial capacity and organizational readiness.

Ultimately, Digital UBC will focus on opportunities to strengthen working relationships across the university, reinforcing institutional commitments to inclusion, collaboration and innovation. When complete in June 2022, the digital strategy and roadmap will provide a framework for the ongoing evolution in technology and digital capabilities across the university.

Please visit the UBC CIO website to learn more about the findings from the spring engagement sessions, and to become involved with UBC’s Digital Strategy process.

Through Strategy 5: Systems Renewal, UBC is committed to technological innovation and evolution, as technology plays a crucial role in enabling efforts to work more synergistically across our campuses and learning sites.