Place and Promise: A Discussion


Place and Promise: The UBC Plan


UBC is blessed to be a young university on the west coast of Canada. Surrounded by mountains and ocean in Vancouver, and lakes and vineyards in the Okanagan, the University is informed by the physical majesty of this place. It is easier here to feel a profound connection to the land. It is also understandable to feel a particular responsibility to protect this place, and this planet.

Open vistas and boundless skies evoke a frontier spirit, metaphors for the opportunities UBC presents to learn, to explore, to question, to grow. The University explodes its limits whenever students, staff, faculty, and alumni set their collective gaze on a common horizon, and we are doing that now.

Vancouver and the Okanagan each will play a defining role in how the University evolves from this moment forward. The intimate learning environment and complementary research strengths of UBCO balance the longstanding partnerships and international reach of UBCV to create a University that is greater than the sum of its parts. Each campus is its own place and each is richer for the other’s presence.

The University of British Columbia is poised at the edge of a continent looking outward, prepared to take its place as a bridge between worlds.


UBC makes specific promises in this plan, not mere declarations of aspiration but concrete commitments to act. The chosen strategies build on our strengths while turning our collective attention to those areas where UBC most needs to change.

A sustainable operating budget coupled with a transparent reporting process will ensure that UBC is accountable to all who have an investment here, within the gates and beyond.

It is by honouring these commitments that UBC will fulfill its own promise. Our destination is described in this plan, and it is not so far away.

We can get there from here.

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Place and Promise: The UBC Plan

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