Consultation Process: Place and Promise 2012

TO: UBC Community (students, faculty, staff, alumni)
FROM: Executive Team
RE: Draft Revisions to Place and Promise: The UBC Plan – Seeking your Input

Place and Promise: The UBC Plan is two years old. It is used to drive the planning at the university – from budgets to academic and unit plans. We have submitted two annual reports on progress in implementing the plan.

As faculties and departments are driving actions based on Place and Promise, there have been comments and suggestions regarding some of the wording of the goals and actions. To address these and to freshen the plan, some changes are being proposed. See full details of the Consultation Process: Place and Promise 2012 (PDF | 163KB), which can be summarized as follows:

Some wording changes have been suggested to clarify the intent of the goal and/or action. These are highlighted for ease of review.

Some actions have reached the natural point where they are well integrated into university operations and it is proposed to “retire” these. This does not signal that the university will no longer focus in these areas, but simply reflects that the action is well established and attention will now switch to other actions that need strengthening or to new actions that will drive the university vision.

These actions are suggested to heighten the university’s focus on new initiatives and projects that will move the university closer towards achieving the Place and Promise vision.

A new section has been added to each commitment to reflect a sampling of the high level portfolio actions that are underway in support of each goal. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, but rather a representative view of the variety of activity that is underway in support of Place and Promise.

Consultation Process

Your input is being sought on the proposed revisions to the plan. Specifically, feedback on the following is welcomed:

• Do you agree with the proposed wording revisions to the goals and actions?
• Do you agree that the identified actions should be ‘retired’?
• Do you agree with the proposed new actions?
• Are there other action statements you feel should be retired, added or revised?

Thank you for your input on this process and for the work that you have done in strengthening UBC.

a place of mind, The University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia
Place and Promise: The UBC Plan

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