Advice from three Arts students on learning online during COVID-19

Transformative Learning | Strategy 15: Student Experience
Theme: Innovation

This spring, the COVID-19 outbreak unexpectedly introduced UBC students to full-time online learning. The Faculty of Arts checked in with three students to see what this change has looked like for them.

Brenda González Córdova (BA in Economics with a minor in Philosophy) speaks about how she’s settled into a routine to engage with her classes, and how she’s finding community with her fellow students in the virtual space.

Hanna Van Inwegen (Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education Dual Degree) has some tips for students who are taking online courses in programs that are usually taught in person, such as music.

Reina Pino Fernandez (BA in International Relations and Sociology) talks about what she’s finding to be the most positive aspects of remote learning, and also speaks to what her professors are doing to support her and the students in her courses.

Read the full story on the Faculty of Arts website.

Moving to online learning has been a challenge for students and instructors, and what we’re finding during this time is helping the university better support students in becoming self-directed learners as they navigate and shape their academic pathways (Strategy #15: Student Experience).