Consultation History and Timeline


April -July President Stephen Toope, UBC Executive, and Deans launch planning process.
July President Toope presents planning framework to Board of Governors.
September Website goes live to document consultation process.
October 1,400+ participants complete community-wide survey; results compiled and analyzed.
Steering Committee drafts Vision, Values, and Commitments based on results.
Faculty, staff, students, and alumni consult on the draft.
Working Groups initiate commitment-specific plans.


March Working Groups make recommendations to Executive based on consultation.
May-July UBC Vancouver and Okanagan stakeholders consult on strategic plan components.
July To date, over 19,000 unique visitors from 99 countries have visited UBC’s strategic planning website.
Aug-Nov UBC Executive team finalizes high-level plan content.
Design begins on print document and website.
December President’s Office distributes high-level version of plan at Blue and Gold Revue.
Steering Committee launches living strategic plan online.
Strategic plan linked to budget and fully operationalized.


Place and Promise is a living document that resides on the web. The product of grass-roots consultation united with a clear vision, the plan states clearly the University’s intended destination and its strategy for getting there. Budget and initiatives are integrally linked and the University holds itself accountable, reporting  its progress online. The consultation continues, and the plan comes to life.

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Place and Promise: The UBC Plan

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