Week 8

The original vision for the Okanagan campus was that it would provide a research rich, intimate undergraduate experience. Should this remain the focus?

Week 8 Results

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Week 8 Comments

Comment 1
Absolutely, why would you bring another campus to existence if it didn’t have something more to offer, more than Vancouver campus does. It should offer things that Vancouver does not, yet not lack thereof of anything that Vancouver has, only then will a small city attract bright students and faculties away from a beautiful metropolitan city such as Vancouver.

Comment 2
We are one great university with two campuses. there should be a more focused strategy that determines the strengths of each and then work TOGETHER to realize this

Comment 3
For UBCO to succeed, it needs to have academic programs that are distinct from those offered by UBCV. If it competes with UBCV, it will always lose. Therefore, UBCO needs to develop academic programs that are not offered by UBCV.

Comment 4
It was never going to be possible to combine research rich and intimate, particularly in a start-up setting. In many areas, UBC-O doesn’t have the infrastructure for research the demands of working there (teaching loads, program creation) also militate against full-on research involvement. UBC-O could be a rich undergraduate experience, on the model of US liberal arts schools, say, but that will only happen if we accept that you can’t just create a research university in the wilderness with a wave of a (governmental) wand.

Comment 5
The focus should now turn to how the Okanagan integrates with the rest of the UBC family – distinct, yet still part of something that is already established. Senior leadership needs to determine and endorse this as a priority.

Comment 6
It is important for UBC Okanagan to be perceived as research savvy – as savvy as our counterpart in Vancouver. Although research is important it should be emphasized that with a much smaller campus that the life and learning here is intimate at all levels — undergraduate and graduate. I would think that teaching should be an important aspect of the overall student experience as well as the research aspect however, with a more intimate campus Id hope that the ability to research would be deepened.

Comment 7
The original idea to have undergraduate students benefit from/engage in faculty research is innovative, encouraging – totally relevant! For this to happen, UBCO must continue to support faculty members who engage in undergrad research. This should include both those hired since the integration AND former OUC faculty. Former OUC faculty need to get behind this plan, and it needs to be a big mandate of the university, at the top level. UBCO must work harder to distinguish itself as unique in undergraduate research. UBC does UBC well….how does UBCO do UBCO well?

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