Week 6

From your perspective, how well do the two campuses (UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan) work together?

Week 6 Results

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Week 6 Comments

Comment 1
Very little inter-campus connection…one anomaly might be the Engineering School….but many support services at UBC Engineering are not extended to UBCO.

Comment 2
Spotty. Some units work well together, others not so much. It depends on systems (ie whether or not units use the same means of electronic communication) and how much desire there is to work together. There ought to be a stronger institutional insistence on better unit ties.

Comment 3
As an administrator, I would say it depends on which level of interaction you are talking about. I think as a high level system, we have not yet defined a model for working together, and mostly work as separate entities. This affects collaboration at a unit level, where it has not become a part of our ingrained thinking to involved units at different campuses in initiatives, nor do we always plan together. However, one to one working relationships are helping transcend this to some extent as most people value being helpful and inclusive.

Comment 4
It seems like a forced marriage by government but without a dowry.

Comment 5
At the graduate level we dont have a lot of dealings with them, but those we have had have gone smoothly.

Comment 6
I’ve had occasion to visit UBC-O several times in an administrative capacity, but there are no links at all between my department and its UBC-O counterpart.

Comment 7
I’ve had zero interaction with UBC Okanagan since it became UBC-O.

Comment 8
As a staff member at UBC-V, I notice a lot of initiatives starting in Vancouver that then bring UBC-O on board later on in the process. We find out what works for Vancouver and then see if it can be replicated in or include Kelowna (eg. the events calendar). We are trying to work together more, and that is noticable, but many things can be improved.

1) Budgetary restrictions confine departments to think of the student experience at each campus rather than the student experience of UBC. Is there a way to provide funding or allocate existing budget for joint initiatives?

2) An online strategy. The internet allows us to create a common experience for our students that we have yet to tap in to. I am working with student recruitment, alumni affairs, and student development to create a strategy to direct our online presence. Students (and alumni) from both campuses are connecting with each other online, and yet we arent connecting with them.

I am quite passionate about the last point as I think we could really lead the way in shaping how a university interacts with its constituencies. Think Obama campaign meets UBC.

Comment 9
At present the campuses are not in opposition, but I would hardly say they work together. While this seems to be improving with age (and policy), at present their remains an ingrained distrust of main campus.

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