Week 5

UBC has been successful in commercializing its research. Is this important for UBC to continue to do?

Week 5 Results

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Week 5 Comments

Comment 1
This is important to provide necessary funding for research, however, I think it that we have to be careful, lest we begin to limit our research to only immediately profitable ends.

Comment 2
Despite how great research is, it remains very far from undergraduate students. I believe that for undergraduates to relate to that important characteristic of UBC, they need to be connected to it.

Comment 3
While there is nothing wrong with commercialization, market driven applications should not be used to set priorities for UBC researchers, nor should university resources be dedicated to promoting the commercialization of research carried out at UBC.

Comment 4
As long as non-commercializable research does not suffer in the process I see no problem.

Comment 5
Research should be independent.

Comment 6
Only as a dissent as to whether it should be among the university priorities. Obviously there should be some commercialization opportunities.

Comment 7

Comment 8
Translation must be a focus if society is to benefit from research, otherwise universities may be perceived as “ivory tower” luxuries especially in these difficult economic times. That being said, care must be taken to avoid commercializing research done with public funding in ways that unduly restrict widespread application.

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