Week 4

Is community service learning important to an enriching student experience?

Week 4 Results

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Week 4 Comments

Comment 1
While this is embedded in many of the professional programs, it is a wonderful adjunct to programs without this component.

Comment 2
Definitely, students are practical – they want to see that what they are studying can transfer into meaningful careers. What better way to do this than to have the community involved on campus.

Comment 3
It is enriching in a number of ways: the satisfaction of becoming involved with your broader community work experience that will be valuable in finding a job upon graduation and the opportunity to see how your skills can be applied to a broader range of career choices i.e. not just for-profit activities

Comment 4
This is hardly a fair question– there’s no way one can say no without being accused of heartlessness, particularly given the combination of service and enriching. But I’ve checked no anyway, not out of pure orneriness, but because I fear a superficial and ill-informed venture into half-baked, amateur social service, designed not to serve the community, but to allow the university to feel self-congratulatory. I also think that to force voluntarism on students who are already under enormous pressure– economic disaster, parental pressure, high workloads both on and off campus– is counter-productive and even, when delivered with the kind of sanctimoniousness all too often attached to such initiatives, cruel.

Comment 5
Perhaps I’m overly myopic, but I fail to see how community service learning would not enrich the student experience. The implementation of such a plan would present some obstacles, however, since the students that I teach are already required to do community service as part of their curriculum. By the way, was this idea lifted from the Barack Obama website? Is this the change we need?

Comment 6
good for the student and good for the community, builds maturity and understanding regarding the real world

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